David Burke Songs
David Burke Songs

Hi, David R. Burke here! My tortoise Shellby and I would like to welcome you to the website of my songs! Here you will find an anthology of my compositions, which are all copyrighted ©, yet available to use (with permission). My contact info and music bio are at the bottom. Just keep scrolling down and enjoy the music, and thanks so much for visiting!

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New songs -- and more on the way!

"Oh Thank You, Jesus, For Giving Us Life"
(Sung by Erin Devine)

"We Sing Gloria"
(Sung by John Burke and Erin Devine)

And Coming Soon ...

"Our Lady of Medjugorje - Holy Queen of Peace"
(Sung by John Burke and Erin Devine)

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The Catholic Mass

"Mass of Divine Intervention"
(Sung by Ele Griffin, Kelly Burke, Erin Devine, and John Burke)
Kyrie 1  or  Kyrie 2
Gloria 1  or  Gloria 2
Alleluia 1  or  Alleluia 2
Sanctus 1  or  Sanctus 2
Mystery of Faith 1  or  Mystery of Faith 2  or  Mystery of Faith 3
Amen 1  or  Amen 2
Lamb of God 1 or Lamb of God 2

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A Catholic Musical

The Wonders of His Love

Some selections from my musical:

"Mother Mary, Speak to Us"
(Sung by Ele Griffin and me)

"The Lord of Love and Grace"
(Sung by Megan Wilhelm)

"I Want Forever to be Near You"
(Sung by Megan Wilhelm)

"I Do Believe"
(Sung by Louis Griffin and Ele Griffin)

"Hail Mary"
(Sung by Ele Griffin)

Website for The Wonders of His Love
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A sacred Celebrate Life song

"We Want to See the World"
(Sung by Cathy Biscan, Ashley Biscan, David Biscan, and Sarah Dotson)

Featured in Four Music Videos:

Music Video #1 (By Children of God for Life)
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Music Video #2 (By Zolan)
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Music Video #3 (By MargieForLife)
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Music Video #4 (By Mike Hodapp)
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"We Want to See the World" (Song only)

Feature Story in the Atlanta Archdiocese Newspaper (The Georgia Bulletin)
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More Sacred Songs

Sacred Songs Volume One CD

"Praise Him"     "His Light Upon My Rosary"
"God, Your Mercy is Your Greatest Gift"     "We Sing Gloria"     
"How Can We Not Believe in God"     "I Call to You"
"Jesus, God Our Father"     "Alleluia, Jesus Has Risen"
"My Divine Mercy"     "Holy Jesus, King of Heaven"
"He is Our God"     "He is the Lord and His Birth, Christmas Day"

Sacred Songs Volume Two CD
"I Will"     "The Lord's Prayer"
* "Hail Mary Prayer"     "O Most Holy God"
"Light of Jesus"     "Jesus, God of Our Creation"
"Holy God, Hear My Voice"     "Our Lady of Medjugorje - Holy Queen of Peace" (Coming Soon)
"Our Lady of Kibeho - Mother of the Word"     "Oh Thank You, Jesus, For Giving Us Life"
"The Body and the Blood of Jesus Live Inside of Me"     "We Want to See the World"

* Music Video of "Hail Mary Prayer"

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Children's Songs

"The Numbers Song"
(Sung by Ele Griffin, Kelly Burke, and John Burke)

"The Letters Song"
(Sung by John Burke, Kelly Burke, and Ele Griffin)

"The Colors Song"
(Sung by Kelly Burke and Ele Griffin)

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Special Tributes, Promotional/Theme Songs

"We Love the USA" (Music Video #1) (Music Video #2)
A Patrotic Salute-to-our-Troops Song sung by Cathy Biscan and Joey Kang.
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Front Page Story
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"Good Things" (Music Video)
A South Fulton (Georgia) Theme Song. I'm wearing a hat in the video.
(Sung by Monique Jordan and me; guitar by Mick Polich; trumpet by Erin Something)

"Reaching for Tomorrow Today"
A 1996 Centennial Olympic Games Anthem.
(Co-written with Ken Traina and sung by Marie Something)

"We've Done It, We Won It"
A 1995 Atlanta Braves World Championship Victory Song sung by me.

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Jim Pope Chevrolet
(Sung by some girl I can't remember; guitar by Neil Christensen)

Merry Christmas from DRB-Bale Jingle Company
(Sung by Mike Pitts)

Cowpunchers' Palace
(Sung by Marie Something; steel guitar by some guy I forgot)

Mr. V's
(Sung by me and Marie Something)

Northlake Mall
(Sung by Mike Pitts; sax by Gene Richards)

(Sung by me)

(Sung by me)

Tommy's Village Market
(Sung by me)

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Going Back in Time ...

Pop Songs

"In The Groove"
(Co-written with Pam Oliphant. Sung by Pam; guitar by Greg Something)

"Wandering Playboy"
(Co-written with Ken Traina. Sung by Pam Oliphant)

"Small Town Talk"
(Co-written with Pam Oliphant. Sung by Pam)

"Courtin' Younger Women"
(Kinda corny country tune ... I sung it too)

"The American Way"
(Co-written with Pam Oliphant. Sung by Pam)

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Classical Piano Pieces for College

Etude in C Major

Fanfare in C Major

Minuet in B Minor

Scherzo in C Major

Bagatelle in F Major

Invention in G Major

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My First Composition

A really lousy(!) variation of "Swans on the Lake"

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Thanks for visiting my website! Please check back for updates.
For more information about my songs, using them, obtaining them (CDs/DVDs, sheet music), etc., here's my contact information.

Email: DavidBurke101@gmail.com

A little more about my musical, and then my music bio is at the bottom.

*Here's more info about my musical, The Wonders of His Love, which is an enchanting play filled with comedy, drama, and emotion. The production is about seven Catholic high school choir members who see the Virgin Mary, and she tells them that God has sent her to bring them to heaven for a brief visit to receive a special message from Him. We performed this musical at St. Brigid Catholic Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, in 2005, with great success. My lifelong dream is to have my play produced/performed on a grand scale - even turned into a movie! - and performed routinely by Catholic schools, colleges, and churches nationwide. Your prayers to help this dream come true for the betterment of mankind, world peace, and creating paths to heaven for everyone are most appreciated!

Come Back Soon!

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David Burke's Bio

Daily routine to make the creative process work!

David Robinson Burke (nicknamed "Crazy Dave") was born in the home of Tabasco Pepper Sauce: Avery Island, Louisiana. An authentic Cajun (and proud of it!), he lived in different parts of Louisiana (mainly southern Louisiana) through age 25. He considers his home town to be Berwick, located in the deep south-central part of the state.

Burke started playing piano and drums in elementary school, and acoustic guitar and bass guitar in high school. After graduation, he attended the University of New Orleans and earned a B.A. Degree in Music Theory & Composition. He then moved to Atlanta to attend The Music Business Institute, a component of The Art Institute of Atlanta. Afterward, he worked for Warner Brothers/Elektra/Atlanta Record Corporation as a Singles Specialist, which is a position in record sales, marketing, and promotion.

In the years that followed, Burke was very active as a singer and pianist in the music program at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Smyrna, Georgia. He also became a member of the Atlanta Symphony Chorus. For a number of years, he was involved in music production services, including writing jingles/theme songs -- two of which were featured on Atlanta radio to celebrate the Atlanta Braves' World Series victory in 1995 and the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. To hear these theme songs, scroll up on this website.

Burke later attended the University of West Georgia to take additional music coursework to obtain another B.A. Degree -- this one in Choral Music Education, which certified him as a professional music teacher/instructor (K-12) by the Georgia Board of Education.

Burke then moved to Duluth, Georgia, and became very active as a singer, pianist, and bass guitarist in the music program at St. Benedict Catholic Church. He later became the leader of the church's Life Teen Contemporary Christian band (Cornerstone) and held that position for three years. While leading the band, he wrote 21 Christian songs for his Catholic musical (The Wonders of His Love), whose story came to him in a dream. After completing his musical, he went in search of a major Catholic church in metro Atlanta to host his play and found St. Brigid in the suburb of Alpharetta, where his show debuted in the spring of 2005. After five very successful performances, he developed a strong desire -- a new lifelong dream -- to have his musical produced/performed on a grand scale at a renowned venue, such as the Fox Theater in Atlanta, and then performed routinely by Catholic schools, colleges, and churches nationwide -- ultimately made into a movie. His musical's website address is www.TheWondersOfHisLove.com

After Burke performed his musical, he continued writing Christian music while playing piano and bass guitar in St. Brigid's Life Teen Band. One of his compositions, "My Divine Mercy," which is published by Mediatrix Records of Detroit, became the theme song for a major devotional CD project by the Mary Our Mother (MOM) Foundation, in partnership with The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This distinctive theme song, which tells the story of Divine Mercy, is now performed by Catholic churches throughout the country on the Sunday after Easter, which was proclaimed "Divine Mercy Sunday" by Pope John Paul II. The MOM Foundation, on its previous CDs, also features many more of Burke's compositions ("Hail Mary," "Jesus Overture," "The Lord of Love and Grace," "Mary's Message," "I Want Forever to be Near You," and "Holy Lord"). The website address of the MOM Foundation is www.MaryOurMother.org

In 2006, Burke wrote a patriotic salute-to-our-troops song, "We Love the USA," which was made into a music video. The production was so outstanding that it was featured as a front-page story of the Gwinnett Daily News. Shortly afterward, the song and music video won a Telly Award for composition excellence. This music video is aired regularly on numerous government/military networks, including The Pentagon Channel, and can be found on the websites of countless government/military and troop-support organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense. The website address of this patriotic song/music video is www.WeLoveTheUSA.net

Also, on the subject of secular music, Burke was commissioned that same year to write a promotional song for Fulton County Government (Atlanta, Georgia). This song, which is titled "Good Things," was also made into a music video and is used regularly on Fulton Government Television (FGTV) and at events throughout South Fulton, whose slogan is Good Things. To see this music video, scroll up on this website.

Returning to sacred music, in 2007 Burke wrote a special song that celebrates the preservation of life. Titled "We Want to See the World," this unique composition depicts an angel singing to unborn children, who sing back to her. Upon the song's release, not only did it become extremely popular among numerous Christian organizations and media, it became overwhelmingly requested by countless prolife organizations, which use the song on their websites and at their functions and activities. Additionally, this composition became so well known that The 15th Annual International Week of Prayer and Fasting Conference invited Burke and the singer to Washington, D.C., to perform the song with a Maryland children's choir at this global conference's premier mass, which was held at the largest Catholic Church in America - The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, where thousands attended the service. To hear this song, which was also made into numerous music videos, scroll up on this website. And to see a feature story about this song and the trip to Washington, D.C., published in the Archdiocese of Atlanta's official newspaper, The Georgia Bulletin, scroll up on this website.

Today, Burke leads a Contemporary Christian ensemble called Blessings each week (Saturday 5 p.m. Vigil Mass) at Mary Our Queen Catholic Church in Norcross, Georgia. He also plays piano and sings at local churches for extracurricular spiritual activities and events, such as retreats, confirmations, various prayer services, etc. Furthermore, he performs as a bass guitarist for local musicals, cabaret shows, and spiritual concerts - many under the musical direction of pianist/singer/composer Paul Tate.

Burke also continues to compose music for devotional CD projects created by the Mary Our Mother (MOM) Foundation, which recently completed two new projects. The first project focuses upon the Rosary, for which Burke wrote two songs, "His Light Upon My Rosary" and "Hail Mary Prayer." The MOM Foundation's most recent project features Immaculee Ilibagiza, the noted Rwandan genocide survivor who is now a world-renowned speaker and author. This project, Our Lady of Kibeho, for which Burke wrote two songs ("Our Lady of Kibeho - Mother of the Word" and "Mother Mary, Speak to Us"), focuses upon the sightings of the Virgin Mary in Rwanda in the 1980s when she warned the visionaries of the upcoming genocide. To hear these four songs, scroll up on this website.

Burke recently finished composing another song for the MOM Foundation's newest CD project which, again, involves The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. This new project will include a recording of the entire diary of Saint Faustina. Burke's song for the project, "God, Your Mercy is Your Greatest Gift," focuses on the Lord's everlasting and unconditional mercy. The MOM Foundation has also asked Burke to compose more songs for upcoming projects.

Burke also completed composing and recording his new Mass setting (Mass of Divine Intervention) for the Third Edition of the Roman Missal, which was implemented in the Catholic Church on the first Sunday of Advent 2011. Hundreds of Catholic churches nationwide adopted Burke's setting as their official Mass.

Burke's most recent major composition, which he completed in August 2013, was a new Christmas song titled: "He is the Lord and His Birth, Christmas Day." During the 2013 Christmas season, the song was performed by an extraordinary number of churches nationwide, as well as aired on countless radio stations throughout the world, including EWTN. Additionally, this song won 3rd place among the finalists in the 2014 UK Songwriting Contest.

David Burke's sacred compositions are used regularly by Catholic/Christian churches and organizations nationwide and overseas, as well as played on numerous Catholic/Christian radio stations throughout the world. He has also been interviewed several times on Catholic/Christian radio stations to discuss his music. Additionally, the Archdiocese of Atlanta uses Burke's songs for its podcasts and has requested him to submit his new compositions for consideration in future projects. Recently, the Archdiocese requested Burke to perform his Respect Life song, "We Want to See the World," at the Mass for the Unborn at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Atlanta, and also at the National Catholic Respect Life Conference mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Again, Burke lives to fulfill his lifelong dream of having his musical, The Wonders of His Love, produced and performed on a grand scale.

To contact David, send him an email at DavidBurke101@gmail.com

Come Back Soon!